Background and Purpose

It is only in the last century, since capital-led, chemical-based farming has occupied the norm in Western agriculture, that the word 'peasant' has acquired its derogatory meaning - as the 'uneducated person of little financial means'.

Worldwide, traditional farmers using natural organic methods presently comprise 40% of the world's population, yet grow about 70% its food. Struggling against new and overwhelming pressures from corporate ambition these modern-day peasants have become activists against political corruption and global warming; through advocating democracy, seed sovereignty, biodiversity and food security -- for their own survival and incidentally for ours. In this regards they have skills and wisdom to offer.

The Peasants Association of NZ is now part of that rising global food movement. This bookshop is one of the means we offer for you to learn about that and support it locally. For more information visit our website: |

Significant Pathways to peace, prosperity and environmental health require that key aspects of ...

  • Food
  • Land
  • Community

... must be re-shaped to match the pre-existing framework of natural sustainability. The state of human affairs we now face globally is rooted singularly in our failure to appreciate this fairly obvious understanding.

Our Purpose is to provide perspective, information and practical resources relevant to these issues -- to help drive that understanding towards its natural fruition. Advocating the budding science of sustainability, though still in its infancy, is at the heart of these efforts.